12 July, 2006

Israel, Gaza and now Lebanon

The news that Israel is attacking targets in Lebanon in response to the deaths and kidnappings of Israeli soldiers has been surprisingly subdued. Outside of Israel, I know of few other places on the earth where a country can bomb a neighbouring country and move tanks and troops in and out as it pleases all without it turning into an event demanding global intervention. "[The Israeli PM] called the latest hostage-taking "an act of war" and said he held the Lebanese government responsible, vowing that the Israeli response would be "restrained, but very, very, very painful". An act of war!!! Hello? Is this thing on??

"Israel sends tanks into Lebanon" is the CNN headline. This is a major world event and yet no one seems to be payng attention!! With tanks in Gaza and now in Lebanon and with daily growing resentment from Arab nations in the Middle East, there seems only the need for a single spark and the whole thing will go up in flames. Whether or not these events will play an integral part in Bible prophecy has yet to be seen of course but nonetheless, they should cause us all to pause and reflect and wonder if Christ's return is closer then we might have previously imagined...


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