12 May, 2006

There's a New Bishop in Town

For anyone following the news and for anyone who's given this story a moment of your time, the Episcopal Diocese of California recently elected a heterosexual bishop last week, Mark Andrus. The gay candidates received only a handful of votes. However, Andrus is a liberal homosexual-rights supporter. This turns out to actually be a great move by the Episcopal Church because now they've got themselves a spiritual leader who supports both sides of the fence. When you're trying to appease society, what better way to do it then by voting in someone who shifts with public opinion.

These days, defending basic Biblical institutions such as marriage, sexuality, and differing roles of men and women are grounds for public mockery because they're "out-dated" and "old-fashioned". However, commandments written thousands of years ago don’t make them wrong because of their age. If God tells us homosexuality is wrong, then it's quite obvious that homosexuality is wrong. What's there to argue?

Interestingly enough, according to news reports, Episcopalians differ over whether the Bible permits ordaining gays...


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