07 July, 2006

Canada rejects UN council's censure of Israel

This one almost slipped under the wire...

"Canada rejects UN council's censure of Israel" (CBC News)

Canada voted against a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution Thursday that condemns Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip and dispatches a fact-finding team to the region. The resolution, which passed by a 29-11 vote, condemns Israel's military attacks against Palestinian ministries, power plants and bridges. The resolution, put forward to the council by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, demands that Israel end its military operations in Gaza...Terry Cormier, Canada's representative on the 47-member council, said Canada voted against the resolution because it did not provide a balanced perspective on events in Gaza. "This draft resolution focuses almost entirely on Israel while ignoring that party's legitimate security concerns," Cormier said. "It also fails to acknowledge that the Palestinian Authority has a responsibility to prevent the constant firing of rockets into Israel, to resolve the present hostage-taking crisis and to prevent the recurrence of such criminal acts."...Also Thursday, Arab states presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council demanding Israel "immediately cease its aggression against the Palestinian civilian population." The draft also condemns the military operation and demands Israel release members of the Hamas-led government who were detained last week. The United States and France said the resolution was not balanced and would not be voted on any time soon."

Very interesting considering prophecy and signs of the coming of Christ as we know that Scriptuyre tells us there will be a small group of nations who ally themselves with Israel around the time the "king of the north" invades Israel (Eze. 38, Daniel 11). It isn't so interesting that Canada (along with the US and France) is mentioned in this article as it is that there are some nations vocally supporting Israel in the face of Islamic/Arab criticism. We read constantly of nations condemning Israel for this action or that action and individuals calling for the destruction of the Jewish race but rarely do we read about nations and people actually defending Israel.

Perhaps this is something we'll see more of as that great day approaches.


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